A new restaurant opens its doors in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid by Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid

by | 25, May, 2023 | Business, News

Oriental gastronomy lovers have a new location in the Salamanca neighborhood thanks to Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid.
It is a place in one of the best sections of Calle Velázquez, at number 47, a space of more than 150 m2 at street level and many others on the lower floor. Elena Valares and Fátima Fraile, members of the Retail Department of our company, have been the ones who have found the perfect enclave for the Ginza restaurant firm.
The agility of Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid in this operation has allowed the premises to start operating in record time since the signing, which is why the doors of this restaurant have been open since April 30.
“We have a very extensive portfolio of stores throughout Madrid and the operation of this department greatly facilitates cohesion between establishments and brands. This is why more and more firms are counting on us when faced with an expansion plan”, explains Carlos Romero, CEO of the company.
With this restaurant, the noble neighborhood of Madrid and specifically Calle Velázquez, continues to establish itself as one of the key points of the city to undertake the best gastronomic expeditions.
At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, we will continue to contribute to keeping Madrid in the top positions as a world destination for quality and variety of hotels, looking for the best venues to give space to restaurant brands that want to be part of the city’s wide offer.

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