Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid supports franchises in Spain with its new department

by | 18, Apr, 2023 | Business, News

The Spanish wealth management company has started this year with advice and support for existing franchises, newly created franchises and investors interested in this type of business.
With the new Department of Franchises and Brands (Retail and Food&Beverage), the best business model in each case will be studied and will convert successful companies into franchises, strengthening the initial idea and accompanying entrepreneurs throughout the process.
The roles that this new division will develop will focus, on the one hand, on the creation of franchises from scratch, advising franchisees, the expansion of franchisors, the search for potential franchisees and franchise growth, and guidance for investors who want to delve into this scheme of business.
On the other hand, one of the most attractive aspects is the offer of corners in hotels of various categories for brands, giving these companies greater visibility and reach, as well as extraordinary services and income for the hotel company.
At the same time, and focused on improving the expansion of growing brands, an innovative solution based on rapidly expanding turnkey projects is created. The brand communicates its expansion plan and Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid buys, equips, adapts and leases the premises to the franchisor or franchisee. This disruptive service means unprecedented financial flexibility, which allows brands to expand much more easily and with much less liquidity needs than today.
For the management and development of these activities, Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid has created a specific business area made up of a group of professionals who have successfully carried out their work at different levels of the value chain, implementing its methodology in the main franchises. and both Spanish and international brands: Creation of concepts, development of technology, implementation of processes and procedures, sustainable expansion, control of human resources, incentive programs and productivity improvement, maturity systems that allow predicting the behavior of the concept over time. , cost-saving methods, continuous training, internal audits, food safety, a system for generating jobs with respectable salaries and flexibility, as well as a long etcetera.
Now from GestMadrid this business idea that was already being developed will be complemented by intervening in a critical and essential factor such as finance through specific instruments that will alleviate the burdens and costs that the employer must address, thus improving the income statement and therefore generating value to brands.

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