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What does the work of our sales team consist of?

It basically consists of pampering our clients. Investors are not always thinking about investing, but there are times when some of our assets are opportunities, perfectly match their preferences, or have such a high return that they can be attractive. It is in these cases that our professionals contact them to keep them informed of the current market.

In other cases, after an investment or a reform with us, we like to contact you after a few months to make sure that your expectations have been met. We are not in favor of calling or sending emails constantly, but we like to keep in touch, since we create very strong relationships and bonds when we accompany you in this process.

Each of the Sales Representatives are assigned investors and disinvestors who will be monitored, offering them a premium service. In addition, the Asset Management Spain Sales Representatives adapt to your needs and schedules. We have video call service, attention from the office and outside of it. Those who are traveling and move in another time slot are not left out of our reach either, we call them early or late in the day so that the distance is only a geographical issue.

The Sales Representatives are in charge of sending the teasers in which the assets that fit each type of demand are presented in detail. From this process, they take care of discarding those that do not call their attention, avoiding repetitive calls, errors or misunderstandings; focusing searches only on the product that best fits.

Responsible and committed, the Sales team is, without a doubt, the added value of our company.

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