La Desayunería relies on Asset Management Spain for its expansion in Madrid

by | 6, Mar, 2020 | News

A new hospitality brand has arrived in the capital. Madrid welcomes its first Breakfast, do you still not know what it is? Well, thanks to Paula Food Factory S.L. together with Asset Management Spain you will be able to discover it -and try it- in the heart of Chueca.

As its name suggests, the Desayunería is the temple of breakfast, the ideal place where they never say the famous phrase: “We only serve breakfast until 11 a.m.” It is known as “The Pancake House”, which means the house of pancakes.

This company already has two premises in Barcelona with overwhelming success among breakfast eaters, of whom there are many: those who get up early, those who get up late, those who make this meal a meeting point, those who return home after a long night, or simply, those who enjoy some good pancakes…

Now, after five years operating in Barcelona, ​​it has arrived in Madrid, where pancake lovers are already preparing their palates. In this landing in the capital, it has relied on Asset Management Spain for its expansion.

The expansion process of the breakfast restaurant has been an exhaustive search exercise to find a locale with ideal characteristics for them, and a study of the most suitable areas.

For the premises, we take into account the meters, the windows, the distribution, the state, licenses and whether or not it had a smoke outlet.

With regard to areas, at Asset Management Spain we are concerned with always analyzing those geographical areas in which the best performance can be obtained for the client. The factors we take into account are the population density of the area, nationality or place of origin, marital status, level of education and people per household. Data that, depending on the business, are of vital importance.

After the teamwork of Asset Management Spain and the collaboration and predisposition of Paula Food Factory S.L., we have managed to find a perfect establishment for the company. The first of many in the expansion of this fantastic company that will soon fill the stomachs of those who walk through the center of Madrid wanting to have breakfast at any time.

If you are also looking for a local or space to start your business project, or where to expand your brand, contact us without obligation. The Asset Management Spain team will advise you on this process.

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