Mexpain Capital

by | 27, May, 2020 | News


After two years of negotiations between Carlos Romero, CEO of Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid and Álvaro Ugarte, Executive Partner of this same company, with Pedro Moreno, Founder and CEO of Hill House Capital ( HillHouse/) and responsible for the IPO of Banco Santander in Mexico after a 30-year career in this group; signed on January 10, 2020 the constitution of Mexpain Capital, a real estate investment fund in Spain.


Mexpain Capital has relied on Asset Managemetn Spain Gestmadrid S.L. for market research, asset management, preparation of due diligence and relevant asset purchases. This decision has been the result of the confidence that the path of the asset managers transmits, together with their transparency and professionalism.


In this first phase, Mexpain Capital would contribute150 Million Euros to invest in equity in our country. What the Mexican Fund is looking for at the moment are fundamentally assets in profitability: hotels, corporate buildings and prime premises in Spain (mainly Madrid, Valencia and the Balearic Islands) and in Portugal (in destinations such as Lisbon and Porto).


The young company is studying several of the assets that Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid has already presented to them, opening the Spanish property market to one of the main growth countries in America.

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