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by | 28, Apr, 2020 | Business

One of the most common investments for years, although not as popular, is the option of investing in Parkings and Garages. At Asset Management Spain we know this type of demand and that is why our experts are at the forefront to advise investors interested in their operations with car parks and garages and find the best of assets for them.

Investing in garages, car parks or parking spaces is a recurring option for many reasons. The main one, as expected, is profitability, since normally investing in this type of asset provides a return of more than 6%.

The most profitable cities in our country are Burgos, Seville, Almería and Murcia. It should also be said that both in Madrid and in Barcelona the car parks have been revalued, especially in the center of these cities, since now the traffic of vehicles in the almonds of both is very limited. In Madrid, the most profitable district to get a parking is Moncloa, generating more than 7% profitability. On the other hand, in the city of Barcelona, ​​each garage space in the neighborhood of Les Corts is a gold nugget, because here it even exceeds 8% profitability.

Another factor that makes car parks an interesting purchase option is the price, since it can be adapted to many pockets. An investor can buy an entire garage, but can also bet on a limited number of parking spaces in a car park. This, together with the fact that prices can vary depending on the city and the area, makes garages something very affordable as an investment and very versatile for everything. type of budgets.

Furthermore, investors value the comfortability of these assets. At Asset Management Spain we analyze each situation to always choose the most appropriate for our clients, but in general terms, our professionals always let them know that it is an easy asset for those who do not want to complicate finances. In other words, due to their prices, in many cases investorsdo not need financing of any kind. On the other hand, the profitability that a parking, a garage or a single parking space will provide will be practically immediate, or in the very short term. If what the client needs at a given moment is liquidity, it is also an asset that is easy to sell by sharing it with homes, buildings, premises, etc.

On the other hand, something that also makes it a investment without complications is that there are no problems with tenants, since the law does not act the same in a home as in a square. of parking when it is squatted, it does not protect in any way those who park without paying their fees. This is a security that investors certainly appreciate. And finally, the little maintenance they require.

If you have any questions about car parks, garages or parking spaces and you are thinking of investing, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will help you in this process.

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