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by | 2, Mar, 2020 | Business

The offices are an investment possibility for individuals, but above all for companies, which can only make them profitable, occupy them completely or partially, according to their needs in every moment.

Currentlythe most profitable officesin all of Europe are those in Spain, specifically we can find them both in Madrid and Barcelona.

At Asset Management Spain we have a portfolio of office spaces with different characteristics, in different areas and with different surfaces: we can find fromsmall offices to spaces from 500 m2. Always meeting the expectations of our customers and the market in general.

More and more office space is in demand in Spain thanks to the recently established alternatives to the more traditional office, such as shared workspaces and coworking. Based on this growth, it has become a very good option for large companies, but opening doors to small and medium-sized investors.

The guarantee of these operations are, as in other types of assets, high returns in the short term. In Madrid, the average profitability is from 3% in the most prime areas of the city: Castellana, Barrio Salamanca, Cuzco… and the main financial centers. Outside the M-30 we find higher returns, around 4.5%.

It is true that the main office buildings belong to large funds, insurance companies and REITs , but the horizontal division of some of these buildings facilitates access to these spaces to smaller investors, who have the option of obtaining high returns having invested less.

Another of the options that we present to our investors are mixed-use homes or those with change of use, which are also a very good choice in this area.

Contact Asset Management Spain if you are thinking of investing in offices in Madrid or investing in coworking spaces. We will advise and accompany you throughout the process.

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