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by | 14, Apr, 2020 | Business

The Shopping Centers and Retail Parks are, without a doubt, one of the most dynamic parts of the real estate sector. At Asset Management Spain we never stop managing projects with this type of asset that investors like so much.

Since 2016, Shopping Centers began to experience exponential and unstoppable growth, presenting very attractive profits and becoming the object of desire for investors and REITs.

This growth experienced a small slowdown in 2018, something that professionals in the sector described as a “very healthy process”, since in recent years it had exceeded 2,000 million euros of investment.

The direct cause of this slowdown was online commerce. And compared to this, the Shopping Centers began to allocate more space to leisure and experiences, in turn reducing the space for the sale of goods. This strategy was foolproof. They integrated cinemas, ball pools, trampoline parks, ice rinks…, which allowed the comeback of investments in this type of asset.

For their part, the Retail Parks went from being a somewhat discreet asset of little interest to becoming the ambition of investors around the world. This is mainly due to the tenants they have, which are very powerful brands that need large surfaces, known at a European or global level and that represent security for those looking for an investment. low risk.

As data, it should be noted that the Autonomous Communities with the most Shopping Centers and Retail Parks or Retail Parks are Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia.

It is undoubtedly an investment opportunity that, especially in our country, draws the attention of both domestic and foreign investors, since it is a segment that is not yet as exploited as in other countries. A business occasion in which our professionals can advise you from the beginning of the process.

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