We manage the sale and surface rights of lots for any use.

Our Soils

A limited and highly demanded asset

The land we have is of different classification: consolidated urban land, non-consolidated urban land, rustic land and also developable plots.
According to its use, we find among our land, land for general uses and land for specific use. General uses are those that refer to infrastructures, green areas, endowments, etc. When we speak of those lands for specific use, we refer to those such as residential, cultural or industrial, among others…
We take into account, apart from the use and type of land, the buildable area and the urban regulations of the area, to advise our clients in the best way.

We captured the most searched

The range of demands is very extensive. Investors come to us looking for land on the beachfront to present hotel projects, tourist apartments or luxury developments. Others are looking for land to create a residential project or a commercial park; lots where you can develop student residences, nursing homes…






Residential Sector

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have a large portfolio of residential land available to our clients.

  • Around the entire Spanish geography
  • Construction of single-family and multi-family homes
  • Small projects and big promotions
  • Finished and developable land

Commercial section

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have a large portfolio of commercial land available to our clients and operators.

  • Commercial land in Spain
  • Strategic locations
  • Sale of land
  • Surface law
  • 360º turnkey projects

Industry Sector

If there is a growing trend in the sector, it is the sale of industrial land, mainly due to the great progress of logistics activity in the market.
At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have a large portfolio of land industrial at the disposal of our customers and operators.

  • Industrial land in all the Autonomous Communities.
  • Industrial areas
  • Competitive prices
  • High buildable roof surfaces

Endowments and Services

The use of public housing is necessary in all its areas: education, health, coexistence, care, sports, religious… And at Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have a wide range of public land available for our clients and operators.

  • Apartment land in Spain
  • Strategic locations for each activity
  • Sale of residential land
  • Turnkey endowment projects
  • Buildable areas suitable for each Autonomous Community
  • Finalist and urbanizable dotational land

Hotel Market

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we stand out for our wide range of land and hotel assets available to our investor clients.

  • Hotel land in Spain and Portugal
  • Coastal and urban land
  • Turnkey projects
  • Estimate the most competitive price
  • Prime tourist locations

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