Project management

Organization, planning and control of resources for Project Development.

We minimize risks

Planning of Real Estate Projects

The Project Manager is gaining more and more prominence in the project planning and development process, due to his intervention and meticulous evaluation in all aspects. It has become an essential element that controls and minimizes risks in Real Estate Projects.

Comprehensive Project Management

The incorporation of Project Management to any real estate development project is one of the main bets and successes in the current market, since it is a guarantee to lead projects towards success.

In the Project Management department of Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we take care of supervising, directing and coordinating all the human and material resources of the entire project, meeting all the objectives and achieving maximum performance.

First Steps

  • Determination of projects
  • Budgeting
  • Risk Assessment

Following a Plan

  • Agile Strategies
  • Timeline determination
  • Human and material resources



  • Fulfillment of the previously outlined plan
  • Implementation of agreed processes





    • Legal conditions
    • Tenders and permits
    • Expense control
    • Construction

End Phase


  • Review and verification of each developed area
  • Results with obvious benefits




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