Reasons to invest in Spain

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If the reason for visiting Spain is business, it is useful to know that Spain is in 30th place out of 190 that make up the Doing Business ranking, which classifies countries according to the ease they offer to do business. In 2017, within the 1,000 EU companies that had spent the most on R&D 21 national companies stood out.

Spain is a competitive, modern and innovative country in the European Union, endowed with human and technological resources. It has an extensive system of aid and incentives at European, national, regional and local level, from which investors can benefit. It has a modern and complete network of infrastructures: the first European network of high-speed trains and highways and expressways, as well as three of the ports with the highest container traffic and two of the largest airports in Europe.
Its high degree of openness and favorable legal framework for foreign investment has placed Spain as the ninth country in the world in receiving Foreign Direct Investment, while in scientific production it is also the ninth country worldwide and fifth in the EU-15 , thanks to the fact that Spanish scientists have an excellent degree of education and training.

One of the most interesting aspects to invest in Spain is its quality of life. According to the OECD, it is positioned as the fourth country with the best balance between work and personal life. This place also stands out for its second place in the world in terms of highest life expectancy, the third lowest homicide rate in the EU, as well as for being a “peaceful and stable” society.

The attractiveness of Spain

  1. Privileged position on the map: In the world of the globalized economy, there is no doubt that location plays an important role when it comes to deciding investments. Spain, at this level, is one of the best destinations due to its privileged geographical location for conducting international business, not only because it belongs to the EU, but also because it represents a fundamental point of contact with South America and, at the same time, a gateway to the African continent. , in addition to direct connections with Europe. The ports of Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona are among the main ports in Europe in terms of maritime traffic.
  2. Excellent network of infrastructures and communications: The extensive road and rail network, as well as the number and location of ports and airports, provide Spain with an exceptional communication network that favors both the trade and tourism.
  3. The Spanish language is of growing importance for business: it is the official language in more than 20 countries in the American continent, including the United States. Altogether there are more than 500 million Spanish-speakers in the world and the Spanish market is one of the largest in Europe, with 47 million consumers, who must be add the more than 56 million tourists who visit Spain every year.
  4. Investing in real estate: buying homes or commercial premises is highly profitable, since the price of these properties does not depreciate over time, but on the contrary, their price increases due to the limited supply on the market. Direct investment in real estate assets located in central and premium locations in large cities and tourist centers with the highest demand continues to be a suitable alternative (mainly Madrid and Barcelona).
  5. Large number of tourists: Spain is currently the second country in the world to receive the largest number of international tourists, surpassed only by France. The hotel sector is greatly benefited in this regard.
  6. High return on investment: Currently the Spanish real estate market offers the highest value in terms of return on investment (ROI) in history. Very few markets in Europe offer a higher ROI than in our country. Investing in real estate in Spain is the best place to be due to the country’s robust tourism industry mentioned above and high rental returns. Specifically Catalonia and Madrid top the list as the best places to own a home in terms of potential benefit, along with the Balearic Islands and places on the coast.

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