Renewable Energies

Evaluation of Renewable Energy Parks.

Sustainable Investments

Renewable Energies as an investment object

Investors are becoming more and more attracted to green investments, especially Wind Farms and Photovoltaic Panels, due to their trajectory, their high profitability and the facilities that banks provide for the financing of this type of projects.

Sustainability and Profitability

We design investment plans specifically for each client, looking for the products that generate the highest returns in the medium and long term.

We are committed to clean energy as an investment object, with an upward trend and exponential growth that is becoming a more competitive business every day.

There are different types of renewable energies: solar, wind, photovoltaic, tidal, hydro, geothermal, wave, bioethanol, biomass, biogas and biodiesel. At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we cover all these investment opportunities, and we focus especially on the most developed in the national territory, Wind Energy and Photovoltaic Energy, which are the lowest cost and most profitable.

Wind Energy

  • The cheapest and most profitable so far
  • It is present in practically all the Autonomous Communities of Spain.
  • Our country is the first country in the European Union in onshore wind power capacity.
  • High number of construction and operation companies dedicated to the production of this type of energy.

Photovoltaic Energy

  • The second most profitable renewable energy
  • Low investment
  • Secure investment
  • Facilities from government agencies
  • Growth in demand for this type of Energy
  • Ongoing development to meet growing needs

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