We incorporate the Department of Renewable Energies as a new investment area

by | 28, Jul, 2022 | Business, News

To lead this new project, Marta Fernández has been chosen, who lands in the company after her experience in companies such as Acciona or Isolux Corsán, where she has already been part of international sustainable growth projects. The Renewable Energies department will focus on operations that encompass portfolios, mainly land, which represent an opportunity for the development of renewable energy plant projects, minimizing risks and seeking the greatest profitability and path.

It will work covering the entire Spanish geography, designing investment and expansion plans, directed specifically for each client in the different types of clean energy, and especially in those that are having the most impact in our country, such as wind and photovoltaic.

Thanks to the enormous knowledge of this sustainable market, Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid will carry out valuations of renewable assets and will manage the purchase and sale processes, recognizing the opportunities presented by the sector.

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